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Probably at the bottom of the in Kuala Lumpur is the sex one can solicit in parks and city areas.


These mostly foreign prostitutes, operating from local guest houses, will congregate outside nightclubs in Bukit Bintang, Jalan Sultan Ismail, and Jalan Imbi.

Lorong Haji Taib is much more down market than Bukit Bintang, where little hotels and guest houses double as brothels.

These little lanes behind the shops in Chow Kit really only become busy after midnight.

Some very low class “Tiger” or sex shows operate out of Jalan Haji Taib and Bukit Bintang areas.

Chinese, Vietnamese, Thais, and Cambodians tend to work out of these establishments, while the Indonesians tend to work out of the many Dangdut Pubs, with their raunchy Indonesian dancing around Klang Valley.

There are numerous escort services available throughout Klang Valley.There is a mix of foreign, Indian, Chinese, and some local prostitutes operating in this area.Many transgenders operate in the adjacent Chow Kit area both from lanes at the back of little guest houses and on the street.Many girls work as Guest Relations Officers (GROs) in the many karaoke and Japanese bars in Klang Valley.These girls are more choosy and require a customer spending time and money on them in the bar before being able to take them out for a negotiated price.When people think of the sex industry, Thailand and the Philippines will most likely come up in the minds of many.

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