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He was enjoying himself until the Americans invaded and dragged him off to Guantanamo Bay where he spend the next eight years.

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There are now nearly 22 million people in Australia, it has taken Australia 171 years from the arrival of the First Fleet to grow to 10 million but only 48 years to double to the current 22 million.

While many Aussies just go to barbies, footy and pub and never make the news headlines, there are also some pretty amazing Australian people that stand out for one reason or another; Together with his mate and colleague Todd Russel he got stuck a kilometre underground in a gold mine under Beaconsfield after an earth tremor collapsed the area where they were working.

They were banned from the Cairns Civic Theatre by the Cairns City Council.

Some years later they performed again for packed houses at the Convention Centre.

In an attempt to escape, Dawn jumped across a wall and injured her ankle.

She was taken to the police station, but when police realised Dawn's identity, they released her in exchange for some autographs. In the nineties he drew a long line of curious ladies to the Sportsbar in Cairns, north Queensland, where together with Simon Morley he performed the show 'Puppetry of the Penis'.

During a Channel Nine interview he told the world what he thought of the ATO, calling them "ego-tripping mongrels" and he said the level of public enmity against him was so high that he may as well have picked the Taliban to take on.

Originally from Latvia, Harry spent 13 years up in the north of Australia hunting crocodiles and then arrived in Coober Pedy, South Australia, to try his luck at opal mining.

In the 1980s this former television station owner and manager of the failed Qintex Group ran a booming empire, of which the results can still be seen in towns like Port Douglas, North Queensland, where he built the Sheraton hotel that kicked off the building boom in the town.

Things turned sour however and after a bit of trouble with the bank he ended up skipping the country leaving many millions of dollars in debts behind.

The Australian government tried to get him extradited from Spain but at every court appearance Skase arrived in a wheel chair breathing from an oxygen mask and managed to convince the Spanish judge that he was too sick to fly home.

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